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Effective Facilitator Training

Instructor: Renee Hoekstra, CVS

June 12-13, 2019

This 2-day course is a general facilitation class to help attendees to understand and learn about the general skills of facilitation. There are many skills required for individuals to be proficient in facilitation. Some think that facilitation is an “easy” job, but if we really want to ensure quality outcomes, much depends on not only the team, but the effectiveness of the facilitator. There will be an opportunity during the class to have some discussion about the VE job plan, but this course is not about the VE job plan. This course will include lecture, open discussions, and practice. This course will provide the following:

  • Defining the Term Facilitator

  • Behaviors Required of a Facilitator

  • Roles for Pre-workshop/Meeting and Workshop/Meeting Facilitation

  • Skill Development & Practice


Renee L. Hoekstra, CVS has an extensive training background over the past 26 years. She has developed and led numerous types of training sessions. Her recent experience includes providing training and leading teams for value engineering, risk assessments, partnering, team building and problem-solving workshops. This has included working with over 3000 teams nationwide. In addition to the types of workshops listed above, Renee has facilitated different types of general meetings and workshops over those 26 years including internal departmental workshops, stakeholder workshops, design and planning meetings and formal public meetings. Renee is a Certified Value Specialist and she has over 26 years of experience providing facilitation and training services. Renee is very active in the value engineering community she is currently on the national Board of Directors of SAVE International as the Vice President/President-Elect.

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Value Methodology Fundamentals 1

Instructor: Anita Lukose, CVS

June 12-15, 2019

The course will provide a basic foundation in the concepts of Value Management as suggested by SAVE International.


Delivered in an interactive style, the course will provide VM education to the participants so that they will be able to successfully participate in future value studies.


Focus will be given for developing the core competencies in individuals as suggested by SAVE International.

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Value Methodology Fundamentals 2

Instructors: Javier Masini, CVS & Patrice Miller, CVS

June 12-15, 2019

This VMF 2 course is designed for individuals involved in manufacturing or construction. You will learn an extremely valuable process to help you make improvements, seek out innovation and opportunities for products, projects, programs and processes (the 4 Ps), and even the way you and your organization does business. Course material will be supplemented with techniques, team exercises and case studies tailored to the particular student audience.


This course is the second step toward CVS certification. Once you complete this course, you can apply to take the CVS exam as long as all of the other necessary requirements have been met.

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