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Saturday, June 8

Half Day Workshops


Function Models BEYOND FAST


~ James McCuish

~ Charles Jennings

~ Bruce Lenzer, CVS-Life, FSAVE, CQM/OE, CLA, CAQMSA

Come learn 21st century function modeling tools and techniques to help with a variety of value improving projects. This half day class is designed for value, quality, process, and project improvement practitioners wanting to learn more about the different kinds and styles of Function Modeling.  Participants will be introduced to intermediate and advanced fundamentals of Function Science, interfacing business processes, organizations, and project delivery with Function Analysis System Technique (FAST) models. In addition, contemporary tools will be shared in building Process Cost Models.  Lenzer will share his innovative SVS FAST Tool with capabilities to interface labor and materials cost models to simulate as-is and to-be changes surrounding a proposed improvement. Interfacing these components of cost to function broadens the analytical capability for value, quality, process and project improvement practitioners in government and industry. Click HERE for course flyer and more information.

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8:00 am -12:00 pm

PDUs = 4

Core Competency #4

Agile Teams.jpg

Agile Teams and Value Management

Instructor: John Sloggy, PE, CVS, MBA

Value Management has been associated with solving problems and creative solutions since its inception in the ‘60s.  And VM is back as a creative problem-solving tool, taking a page from the Agile playbook to utilize the VM Methodology as a leaner creative approach to problem solving that is sized for today’s organizational structures.  A major component driving VM success from the onset is the strength of the collaborative approach inherent in the multidisciplinary team model.  Repeatable creative results require a structured approach which, when done successfully, can infuse projects with high quality innovative solutions that provide real value to the stakeholders.


So, how do we accelerate the turn-around time required to solve problems and ensure that the solution is both high quality and addresses the often-varied needs of stakeholders?  What is needed is a process that allows individuals and organizations to engage intelligently with a fast-paced and uncertain work world; allowing groups to come together quickly to accomplish the required tasks; and then, as in the Agile methodology, move on.  The new group replacing the traditional team is the Agile Value Management team (AVM). 

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8:00 am - 12:00 pm

PDUs = 4

Core Competency #1

Dorine Cleton.jpg

Supertool Mediation with VE

Instructor: Dorine Cleton, LLM

After presenting and winning the paper of the Year Award in Austin, Texas (2018) for “VE in combination with Mediation as Super Tool for Multiparty Plan Making”, many people inquired: "How does it work exactly?", "How do we get the information, joined criteria?", "How do you get from random suggestions about the area to VE, FAST and a coherent process that ends with doable alternatives?" This workshop explains how and lets the attendees experience several steps themselves. It will provide an introduction to mediation, give an inside in the facilitation skips needed and simple methods that have proven to work and give an overall view about the process of combining mediation (PPNP) and Value Engineering. The workshop will look into the difference in this process in the information phase  (getting information form citizens, the city and the developer), criteria, FAST, team,) the joined effort (specialist, citizens and stakeholders), as well as the presentation to all parties, citizen, city and owner / developer. It will also provide information about how the city, board as well as city council, civil servants, specialist can and have to be involved.  Lessons learned will be shared. 

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1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

PDUs = 4

Core Competency #3

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