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Transportation Track


A dedicated Transportation Track of conference sessions is being developed with the help of the Washington State DOT and you have an opportunity to participate. If you or your colleagues have transportation topics of interest and/or would like to present please contact Mark Gabel below.


Papers are encouraged, but not required.  A single page detailed abstract is sufficient for acceptance.


Topic areas are only limited by our imagination, some ideas that are related to value engineering and transportation might include:


  1. Project cost estimating

  2. Project risk assessment and analysis

  3. Project scheduling

  4. Integration of value engineering into project management

  5. Practical design (performance based practical design)

  6. Use of VE in innovative project delivery (design-build, GCCM, other?)

  7. Scaling VE studies to projects of all sizes

  8. Panel Discussion (What DOTs want out of their VE studies – or other topics)

  9. Other?


Note: SAVE International issues Professional Development Units for conference participation.

To get more information on the transportation track or to make a submission for this track, please contact Mark Gabel, P.E., CVS at

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