Call for Pre/Post Summit Workshops

Calling all Instructors!

SAVE International®, the premier international society devoted to the advancement and promotion of the value methodology (also known as value engineering, value analysis or value management), is now organizing the pre-conference training program for its annual conference. Our training sessions, to be held prior to or after the conference, will be geared to the needs of our members and other attendees interested in value-related education. This includes possible SAVE approved Fundamentals 1 and 2 training.

Workshop Rating Criteria
When submitting your proposal to provide pre-workshop services, please ensure that you have addressed each of these criteria elements in detail.  All workshops will be judged using the same criteria.  The level of detail provided will have a direct impact on the success of your submittal.  The review team can only review your submittal based on the information provided, not on personal experience or knowledge.  Please make sure the information you provide adequately covers each criteria element so that it can be judged effectively.

The performance will be measured using the following measures:

5 = Exceptional
4 = Very Good
3 = Average
2 = Minimum Standards
1 = Below Standards

The following lists the criteria and the definition of the criteria.

  • Marketability - Will this course attract several attendees; is the workshop limited to one type of discipline (i.e. construction, manufacturing); will SAVE benefit financially?


  • Enhancement to Value Methodology - Does this keep with or enhance the value methodology; does it offer unique opportunities within the value methodology?

  • Presentation Skills of Presenter - Dynamic speaker(s); holds audience attention; provides audience participation; audience members want to return to hear speaker again.


  • Prior Experience in Delivering this Specific Workshop - How many times has the instructor delivered this topic; are there reference materials provided for how previous presentations were rated?


  • Course Content/Quality - Ease of understanding by target audience; clarity of materials; content relates to the abstract; use of materials after the conference.


Courses are preferred that deliver the following core competencies:


  1. VALUE METHODOLOGY (history and evolution of value methods)

  2. TRANSFORM INFORMATION (organize, summarize, and communicate data into structured knowledge for use by the value study team)

  3. TEAM FACILITATION (all phases of job plan)


  5. COST ANALYSIS (financial analysis, cost estimate, life cycle cost, net present value, present worth, simple payback,  breakeven, return on investment)

  6. PRE WORKSHOP STAGE (stakeholders’ expectations, selection of subject matter experts for VE team, gathering and distributing information, workshop logistics)

  7. WORKSHOP STAGE - SIX-PHASED JOB PLAN (tailor workshop phases with the necessary flexibility to the desired outcome, manage team, sell the workshop results)

  8. POST WORKSHOP STAGE (activities after the workshop including assembling a draft report, collecting comments, creating a final report, and implementation of the value study recommendations)

  9. VALUE PROGRAM (value programs for projects, programs, agencies and organizations.  How, when and where to best apply the value methodology to ensure success)


Please click on the button below to submit a workshop proposal. Please note, proposals will only be accepted through the online submission portal.


Deadline to submit is 11:59 PM Eastern Time, November 15, 2018.